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Nike SB Dunk Low Pro ‘City Of Style’ Shoes

$ 180.00

  • Colour Football Grey/Coconut Milk
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Nike SB Dunk Low Pro ‘City of Style’

At the heart of the “City Of Style” Dunk Low is the spirit of Paris, a city known for its unparalleled influence on fashion, art, and culture. This sneaker captures the essence of the city amidst the excitement of hosting the 2024 Olympics, blending the timeless with the contemporary.

The design of the shoe pops with a periwinkle upper, hinting at old-world maps and modern urban life, blending hot-air balloons with subways in a detailed, sepia-toned illustration. Its palette of Football Grey, Coconut Milk, Khaki, Flat Gold, and Sail, sketches out a serene landscape on the canvas upper, while hidden layers reveal a vibrant red suede beneath, offering a special twist.


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